Subspace – The Final Frontier

Good morning, my kinky bedfellows!

I’d like to share with you something that happened to me, the other day. And by ‘the other day’ I mean an indeterminate time over a week ago. I like to keep my posts current, you know. This happening can actually be read about in my darling SJ’s blog, SJ’s Journey. I’d highly recommend you read it (not just because she’s boinking my brains out), but I’ll also give you the gist on here. For word count purposes, you understand. What happened was that we were playing with a new toy, and introduced an old toy into the mix (the two, I should note, got on like a house on fire. They’re to be married), and after her climax, my darling girl started crying. This was cause for great concern for both of us, as SJ is not typically one who cries. After, we sat there, on our respective beds, wondering just what in the blue hell had happened. I worried, for a split second, that the cam that had been acting up during the session had turned on and shown her my orgasm face, and that made her cry. Or it may have been that her computer has been updated with smellovision, and she could smell my garlic breath.

It could be all these things, but one idea that she came up with to explain it was that she had entered her headspace, called subspace. When she brought this theory to me, I felt immediately that it made sense, that it fit the events. And then I immediately forgot what subspace means. And voila! I have my next blog post subject! So I thought I’d do a little post on what exactly is subspace, in the hopes of enlightening those of you who don’t, as well as myself re-learning what it means.

Simply put, subspace is a psychological state in which subs enter after an act, or series of acts, which are mentally and/or physically straining. This could be anything from an excess of pleasure, or pain, or the committing of acts which make the sub feel emotionally bare – but that’s a thing which is specific to the person, and so I can’t altogether elaborate on here what they may be. What happens next is quite fascinating.  These intense experiences then cause a chemical response, which enables greater pain tolerance, which means the acts can then become more intense. It’s an ongoing circle, and the Dom/me must keep a close eye on things, otherwise things can get very messy. And not in the fun way. These chemicals can cause a trance-like state in which the sub feels detached from reality, their own body, and their environment.

Afterwards, as they come down from this high, something called Deep Subspace can kick in, where they become incoherent, deeply exhausted and recessive. Thank you, wikipedia. It should also be noted that sometimes the trance like state is bypassed completely, and subs enter this state instead. And, indeed, Deep Subspace can have no presence at all. Though I view this instance as rare.

At all times, care must be taken by the Dom/me. Rather, I should say that extra care should be taken, since a Dom/me is probably already keeping tabs on their sub, but this is a situation which could end badly. Luckily, the situation my SJ and I found ourselves in was handled well (if I do say so myself) so things turned out well for us. Without proper aftercare – in the form of emotional support, comfort, reassurance and physical tenderness – though, things might get out of hand, and acute mental pain and emotional scarring can be inflicted. Though those are extreme cases, and not likely to happen.

This particular event did cause us great concern, but it also brought us closer, in a way. It seemed to signal that our relationship was entering a new level. A greater bond of trust and openness was afforded us. Now, I have a little treat for you all. As I showed this to SJ, she asked me if I’d like it if she wrote a little bit, to explain her reaction. I jumped at the opportunity, for obvious reasons. Here’s what she had to say:

In the moments before the leakage from my eyes, I was consumed by the feeling of being stripped bare. Raw, exposed and vulnerable to a point I had never been before. If not for the intense pleasure I was feeling I would say I felt broken, and perhaps in a way I was. It scared me at first, and embarrassed me. It was the next day I recognised it for what it might be.

Very intriguing, and my thanks to her. And so much more well iterated, since she’s able to actually experience it, and for me it’s merely an intellectual study. Well, I’ve run out of things to say. I could maybe make a joke. But I think I’ve conveyed as much information as I’m able to, on this particular matter. I can only hope that people who didn’t know about this before come away from reading this enlightened, and that those who already knew about subspace don’t come away from this writing long emails correcting me.

This is JV – signing off.

If you have any thoughts on this post, feel free to post a comment, or join the JE to have your say! If you have a topic you think is worth covering, then you can leave a comment here, or on the JE, too. Basically what I’m trying to say is: join the JE!


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