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The End. The Flap. The Interview.

Good morning, my freaky darling. My kinky miscreants.

I have some good news, and some bad news. The good news is, I’m doing an interview! With SJ! The bad news is, this’ll be the last blog post. The good news: There’ll be a new one! You see, the Just Adult Blog site is almost up and running, so we’ll be doing the blogging thing on that site instead. This will mean a whole new blog, a new name, new writers, new content. We’re doing this because the Just-Kinky site is almost ready to open again, and will have a new logo, just as the JE will have a new theme and logo. Not only this, but the story site will be taking new submissions and publishing them. We’re also currently half way through transferring all the old stories, and we’ll be finished with that at some point in the near future. So, really, this blog can’t do all of that justice, and thus the move over to the JAB site. And, remember, that for all these sites you only have to register one, and that one log in will work for all three sites.

Throughout my time on this blog I have worked hard to avoid doing one thing, something I view as quite heinous. I’ve attempted to avoid nepotism. I’ve strived to be as neutral as possible, and I think I’ve succeeded (apart from a time or two where it was suggested to me that I do a post that allows me to divulge my nepotistic side). This post, however, is very special, and I thought I’d give in and just embrace it. So this post is dedicated to my wonderful SJ, author of the blog SJ’s Journey. I was lucky enough to sit down with her for an interview, where we talk about her blog. So, without further ado, here it is, smilies and all.

JV: Okay, well, let me start with the first question (because it’d be wholly revolutionary to start with the second question). Are you wearing any panties?

SJ: Ha! At this precise moment? No, I’m not. First thing I did after walking home was change, and the panties were discarded with quite a gleeful flourish. It was hot, you know.
JV: *Checks* I’m afraid it feels quite hot, down there.

SJ: The weather, I mean. You know, summer.

JV: *Looks outside, at the overcast sky and wind-blown tree* Yes. Summer. Ahem. So, let’s start (for the second time) with a bit of history. How did you get into blogging?

SJ: Oh. Goodness that requires some remembering. Well, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and posting stories and poems to websites for … 7 years or so, I guess. A few years ago I was a regular visitor to an erotic blog written by a British fellow, and I used to correspond with him quite a lot and discuss his blog. That was when I had my first thoughts of trying my own blog, but I was far too much a scaredy cat to make it happen.
JV: So what changed?
SJ: Jules. She’s a bossy fuckin’ thing, isn’t she? The idea was always in the back of my mind, and after a while Jules brought it to the front again.
JV: Ah, yes. I’m reminded of another time she brought something else to the forefront.
SJ: *Raises eyebrow*
JV: Your tush picture.
SJ: Ah. Yes. I remember that.
JV: Hard not to. I remember her plugging your bum on the JK forum.
SJ: I remember that too. Damned position. Position? Damned television making me write position when I meant petition.

JV: Maybe you should turn over to a less subliminally suggestive TV channel.

SJ: No. 😀
JV: :P. [Back on the topic of blogging] My understanding is that you were hesitant to do it. Could you elaborate on your thoughts, feelings on the matter?
SJ: Fear of commitment. Starting a blog would mean being committed to producing a piece of writing to publish regularly. And not only something to publish, something GOOD to publish. Something interesting, thought-provoking, or erection inducing. Part of me worried that I might expose myself as a terrible writing fraud, with cliché ideas that dried up after a few weeks.
JV: You didn’t, though.
SJ: I didn’t. I still have the same fear though. Every time a post something new I fly into a mild panic about how it may be received and whether it’s good enough. I don’t want to post for the sake of it, or bombard people all the time with stuff they don’t care about. I don’t want to be that person. So I still worry that I may become boring to people, even though I try very hard not to!
JV: Trust me, you succeeded. Something you said intrigued me: ‘or bombard people all the time with stuff they don’t care about’. Surely the advantage of a blog is that you can write about what you care about, regardless of what your readers think?
SJ: Definitely. The first person you should write for is you, I firmly believe that. However, if you take that writing to a public forum, and ask people to read it, then you do need to consider them. Once you take it to that forum, you are in part writing for an audience. If it were solely for your own pleasure, your private journal would suffice, no? 🙂
JV: Indeed. Let’s talk about content. You do stories, poems, talk about your own personal life, and do toy reviews.
SJ: I do yes I do!
JV: What is it you enjoy writing (about) the most? Do you have preferences?
SJ: Well, the research leading up to toy reviews is especially enjoyable …
JV: I’ll bet. Actually, since I’m sometimes privy to the research, I can vouch for that.
SJ: *Blushes* I like when you help me research.

JV: As do I 😉 

SJ: But the writing that I enjoy the most, just for writing, I’d have to say stories.

JV Howzat?
SJ: Stories are something different. They take on a life of their own, and I find myself immersed within them as I write. There’s this wonderful air of mystery, because I don’t really know where they’re going, or who my characters will be. It’s exciting to find that out.
JV: Tell me about your current story.
SJ: Oh, I couldn’t possibly. It’s a secret. *Shifty eyes.*
JV: *Pouts*
SJ: *Kisses your pouting lips* Top secret. National security, you understand.
JV: Well, could you at least give me a brief summary of what has transpired in this series of stories so far? Explain – as much as you can – what it is?
SJ: The Confessions series?
JV: Yes.
SJ: It’s a series of short stories following the personal life of a young woman who prefers casual relationships over long term committed ones. She’s a busy woman, she hasn’t the time, energy or inclination to commit to a relationship, but she’s also a very sexual person and unwilling to ignore those needs.

There’s a mix of fiction, fantasy, and my own experiences within the stories and within the main character, which I am having a lot of fun with. I’m using her, and her way of living to explore sexuality in society- what’s acceptable and what’s not, why that differs for certain people in society and how our choices affect us. At the beginning, she’s not a very sympathetic character, but as I write more, we begin to see more than just her sexual practices, and understand her a little more. I hope. That’s the plan anyway. And, of course, it’s about hot steamy sex. ‘Cause I like the hot and steamy sex. Very much. Ummm. Have I bored you to sleep?

JV: 🙂 Nope. I’m here. Wide awake. Surfing eBay, but wide awake.
SJ: lol

JV: I want to discuss your sex toy reviews, because that’s a relatively new thing.
SJ: Mmm-hmmm.
JV: I was hoping for more than Mmm-hmmm.
SJ: *Giggle* Is it new? I can’t remember when I posted my first one.
JV: The first was Ina.
SJ: Ah, sweet Ina. She’s a keeper.
JV: She is indeed. How did you start? Maybe a better question would be why did you start?
SJ: I think I sort of fell into it. I was finally rebuilding my toy collection after an ex threw my stuff out in a fit of anger a long while before, and I was really very excited to be doing so. I always enjoyed toys, though I lamented the fact many of them were not very nice to look at, or seemed … tacky. So when I ordered Ina, one of the first building blocks in my new collection, I was thrilled. She was a toy that was special; sleek and beautiful with great features to boot. I wanted to shout it to the world, that I had discovered what sex toys for women should be. Also, I wanted to brag: Ha ha! Look what I have! Weeeeee!
JV: *Snorts* I may discard that long paragraph, in favour of that last bit. Just so you know.

SJ: Ha ha.
JV: What? It’s more you.
SJ: Guess so.
JV: And things just kind of snowballed. Ina good way.
SJ: *Snigger* Yes, they did. I started doing a review for every new thing I got. It was fun! And people seemed to be interested, because they not only got all the techy details but an idea of the more … personal side of a toy review. Plus, I had an excuse to have more orgasms. Woo!
JV: *Shakes head, smiling* And then you did some for EF [EdenFantasys], too.
SJ: Yes, and another company too. I danced all about the house singing (badly) about how wonderful I am.
JV: Go on.
SJ: Free toys. Did you hear me? Free. Toys. FREE FRICKING TOYS! They were going to give me a toy, for FREE and all I had to do was what I had been doing all along anyway, and throw in a few links to their site. And the toys were free. Make a note of that.
JV: *Makes a note*
SJ: Essentially they sent me a list of products, I selected three or so, and they would send me one of those three to write about.
JV: This is EF or the other site you’re talking about?
SJ: The other site. But then EF got in on the act too. I was a bit of a slut, whoring my blog out to any company willing to give me free toys.
JV: Well, who can blame you? They’re free toys, after all.
SJ: FREE! And all mine! Mine! Mwahahahahahahhah
JV: 😀
SJ: I enjoy doing the reviews, and it seems people enjoy reading them. I’ll do them until I bore of it … which I cannot see happening in the near future. I’m going to investigate buying my domain name, so I can be free to run my blog as I please.
JV: That’s a very good idea. Do you have much to tell about that, or is it more a case of vague unformed (as yet) ideas?
SJ: Let’s just say I am researching my options and considering what I can to do improve my blog. I am of course open to ideas.
JV: And open to other things, too?
SJ: Oh yes, yes indeed.
JV: Good. What about in the future? Are you looking forward to any toys coming your way?
SJ: Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! Oh gee golly whiz hell yes!
JV: I think that means you’re excited.
SJ: On December 28th I placed an order as a Christmas present to me. By some miracle I had money left over at the end of my pay period, and so I promptly set about looking at ways to spend it. A few days earlier I had spotted a new toy by a company I had not heard of. I fell in love .. so much so I actually dreamt of it that night. I also spotted a second toy that looked quite marvellous, so I bookmarked them, because I first wanted to ask a certain someone’s opinion …
JV: Oh? Whose?
SJ: My imaginary friend Freddy.
JV: Ah, yes. Freddy. I’ve seen him about, hanging out with Charlie the imaginary ghost.
SJ: Anyhoozelbees, they are in transit and I am giddy with excitement. I am hopeful for them to be here tomorrow, but definitely by end of week. If not, I shall be complaining loudly.
JV: (Yay!) I’m looking forward to reading about them. And seeing you play with them. [Post-interview edit: the toys have arrived, so you can look forward to some colourful reviews, readers!] In your blog you talk about, well, you. Do you have a problem with sharing some aspects of your life? Be they the sexual bits, or the non-sexual personal bits?
SJ: When I started the blog I had every intention of being completely open and honest and writing everything I felt like. I was excited about the freedom anonymity gave me. But it hasn’t turned out like that. I’m not anonymous, not really. A lot of my readers are people I have chatted to online for a long time, and there are several of whom I know in ‘real life’. And to be quite honest, even if I had perfect anonymity, I think I would still hold back the more personal things. It’s not me to throw it all out there, to lay myself bare. There are pieces of me, little bits of my soul in my blog because they are in my writing and I cannot avoid that. but for the most part I guard it, much like in the outside world.
JV: I can understand that. Do you think you ever could let go? Let your guard down?
SJ: On my blog? A little at a time. When I post a poem, that tends to be very unguarded. I think I am more likely to reveal myself in stories and poems than in a blog post talking to my readers.
JV: Fascinating. Why are you unguarded in poems? What is it about them that gives you that chance? Or do you choose to be so in poems specifically?
SJ: Poetry is not a choice for me. I bottle things up, that’s how I was raised. We do not show emotion, SJ, and most certainly not in public. Keep it to yourself. My poetry is the result of bottling one too many things.
JV Go on.
SJ: Poetry is that moment when what I am feeling, or what I have refused to feel, takes over. It’s not a thought process, the way stories are. There’s no going back to re-write or edit, I don’t stop and re-read constantly. It flows from me … quite often it feels like it is ripped from me, if the emotion is particularly strong … and writing it releases me from the hold that feeling has on me. Does that make sense?
JV: It does. And thank you for speaking so openly about it.
SJ: Ahem. You’re welcome.

JV: What else, if you have anything planned, can we look forward to from your blog?

SJ: A ‘lift the flap’ edition! Not really. But I do love ‘lift the flap’ books, and the term could be amusingly dirty on my blog.
JV: *Rolls eyes*
SJ: Except computer screens, they no have the flaps, you see?
JV: Well, you can get an accessory for iPads that offer you a flap.
SJ: My blog is not an iPad. I’ve been pondering what I might try next on my blog, but to be quite honest I can’t stop thinking about that package [sitting on the bed, as I edit this, being a numpty, causing troubles with the adapter and chargers – but there’ll be a blog about that from SJ, soon], and the fun I shall have in opening it and reviewing the things inside! I do have some new stories coming up, too, and I am hopeful of perhaps getting a guest poster, just for fun. 🙂
JV: Oh? Do you have anyone in mind for this guest poster?
SJ: Perhaps I do.
JV: Can you tell me?
SJ: No! Is a secret.
JV: 😦 Is it someone I know?
SJ: 🙂 It may be.
JV: Gah! I want to know!
SJ: *Chuckles mischievously*
JV: You’re mean!
SJ: I know.
JV: Hmph.

And this concludes the interview. I’d like to thank my dear, lovely, sublime SJ for taking the time to answer my rather mundane questions with riveting answers.

That’s it, it’s over now. I hope you enjoyed the interview, and the blog as a whole.

This is JV – signing off.


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Long Distance Relationships

My dear kinksters, today I have a very special gift for you. Today I talk to the resident loved up couple of JK, Molly and Signs. Molly and Signs kindly agreed to an interview, in which we discuss what it’s like to be in a long distance relationship, or LDR. Or rather, we tried to, at any rate…

Without further ado, I give you our interview:

Molly: Good morning gentlemen

Saucy Man: Go, go, go you! *Does a little dance*

Molly: hey I do the best dance ever

Saucy Man: Good morning gentlekinks. Next to me, Jedward are the best dancers ever.

mm: good morning JV

Molly: oh no….do it harder….

Saucy Man: Morning, signs!

Molly: JV meet MM, otherwise known as Signs. (The names and identities of all involved have been taken out, and replaced with their wider known screennames, and their backstory is that they met at the circus)

Saucy Man: *Waves*

mm: I’ve already met me… I was unimpressed

Molly: lol

Saucy Man: Didn’t like the odd looks he was giving you?

mm: he kept copying me

Saucy Man: Naughty him.

Molly: lmao. ok you 2 reign in the funny

Saucy Man: Never!

Molly: haha

Saucy Man: *Lets funny loose to run free in the wild*

Molly: omg this convo is doomed

Saucy Man: Look at it galloping!

Molly: pmslllllllllll

mm: Mmmmm fresh caught wild funny is sooo good for breakfast

Molly: why is it lifting its tail like that?

Saucy Man: Yes, best done rare. Oh dear. Someone get the bucket.

Molly: shoot!

Saucy Man: *Aims for a flying duck*

mm: no weapons please

Saucy Man: I was aiming with a rubber band. Does that count?

mm: *ouch*

Molly: depends how tight it is

Saucy Man: That can be taken in oh so many ways.

Molly: lol

Saucy Man: So it’s no surprise when I ask, which hole would you be referring to?

Molly: lol

Saucy Man: Okay: MM, since you’ve just woken up, it being 7am where you are, my first question is how you cope with the time difference.

mm: Well … I tend to go to bed early so that we are closer to UK time..set my alarm for 5 am

Saucy Man: So it’s quite lucky that there’s a relatively small time difference

Molly: and I stay up late. I rarely go to sleep before 1 am

Saucy Man: Oh, who does go to bed before 1?

Molly: lol. I do get tired sometimes though. if the kids wake me up early, then signs has to make sure I go to bed and catch up

mm: and it helps that once she has gone to bed I have time for the women in other time zones 😀

Molly: lol

Saucy Man: Sly old dog…

Molly: I am lucky as I have a child free weekend every fortnight and that tends to be a time I can catch up, but it is tough…..thank god it is only 5 hrs I have no idea how people manage with more

mm: it is … I slept late today

Molly: the hardest thing for me is the mornings…..  waiting for him to wake up…and also managing my tiredness sometimes….its such a relief when  we are together to not have that

Saucy Man: Yes, I would imagine it is difficult living with it day to day. Do you have to take a personal day or something, to catch up with sleep, etc?

mm: We live on Skype while we are apart… the only time we hang up is when I am on my way to or from work. or if I travel to somewhere that has crappy net connection

Saucy Man: you travel often?

Molly: which makes me grumpy…lol

Saucy Man: Sure that’s not the sleep?

Molly: lol….no this is double grumpy

mm: I travel some for my fulltime job and I also still do concert sound sometime.. I know how to fix her grumpies

Saucy Man: I can imagine. But explicit detail is so much better…

mm: Well nothing like a good old fashioned OTK to stop the grumpies

Saucy Man: OTK?

Molly: over the knee

Saucy Man: Ah. So, a technical question, you’re saying Skype is the best choice for a LDR, as opposed to yahoo, msn and other programmes?

Molly: we have found it’s the most stable, and best cam pic and call quality

mm: We have found skype to be the most reliable… If her net connection drops I can switch to a cheap phone call

Molly: and we can use skype to socialise with friends

mm: and I can use skype on my phone as well

Molly: group calls etc

Saucy Man: Now all we need is for one of you to announce ‘snap!’

Molly: oh no

mm: we play jinx 😛

Molly: its jinx

mm: jinx

Molly: jinx

Molly: grrrr

Saucy Man: Oh dear sweet merciful pixies…

Molly: lol

Saucy Man: A great interview this’ll turn out to be if neither of you can talk.

mm: we leave that part out…

Saucy Man: Really? That’s the best bit for me. But maybe that’s just the company I keep. Sisters. Pfft.

mm: Well… you can’t help family

Saucy Man: No but you can wear earphones. So how do you deal with the cost of texts, phone calls, especially since it’s international, for those times when skype access is limited?: Is there a limit per day set up?

Molly: we rarely use them

Saucy Man: So for limits I’ll put naught..

Molly: we are lucky that we have access to skype pretty much all day, those things are only for emergencies

mm: I am in a tech setting where I am expected to be on Skype all day

Molly: and skype does great cheap international calling if it’s just one of us with net connection

Saucy Man: Emergency spankings?

Molly: lol

mm: I have a personal account for molly and a work account

Molly: and I am mainly at home

Saucy Man: It seems you’ve lucked out, talk wise.

Molly: yes we have. I know we are lucky.but we have made it work….it takes commitment

mm: spanking while we are apart are handled by a point system

Saucy Man: Oh?

mm: a variable points system. well for example molly is supposed to send an email … anytime she cums and when she forgets

Saucy Man: Cumming takes commitment? Wow…

mm: like she did just the other day she gets points which I “redeem” at our next meeting

Molly: I didn’t forget. I know

mm: lol she has just realized she didn’t send an email

Saucy Man: Tut tut.

Molly: no I have not. it’s on my list of jobs

Saucy Man: Still, you’d think that’d be pretty high on the list.

mm: well it has been over 24 hours… and you know the rules my love

Molly: *pouts. soooo…interview lol

Saucy Man: Hehe. Great Segway. Although I doubt Signs’ll forget any time soon. How do you arrange the meet-ups? Or would that be meat’s up?

Molly: lol. we have arranged them around work and family commitments. and often using sign’s work trips as excuses. I want to meet him in Vegas last year. he was there for work….and so I joined him. and when he came here in Nov it was to attend a work thing in Paris and so we combined the 2. apart from that….it has just been working round my child commitments. at the moment we are a bit in limbo as we don’t have a firm date for our next get together, but we are hopeful that this will be one of the last times we have to do that

Saucy Man: How often do you get to see each other?

Molly: last year we managed 5 times

Saucy Man: Congratulations.

Molly: being together lol

Saucy Man: So why are you hoping this will be the last time? What are your plans?

Molly: we are working hard on our plan to be together in real life this year

Saucy Man: congratulations. Again.

mm: ty we are very happy

Molly: once we have a few more details finalised and squared away then we will be happy to share with all

Saucy Man: By way of nudie calendar?

Molly: lol. people think they know us because of my blog and our life on JK etc. and they do to some extent

mm: Well I do have the ass for the nudie calendar

Molly: but we also have a very private and personal life that we don’t share with everyone

Saucy Man: Except for body parts.

Molly: absolutely. What a pair of tits. Or a pretty pussy

Saucy Man: This pleases me greatly.

mm: well I am proud of how beautiful molly is

Saucy Man: Whose are you referring to?

Molly: lol. ty sir

mm: I like others to see

Saucy Man: And I am glad to see. Sometimes twice.

Molly: lmao

mm: but we don’t share her tea addiction

Molly: not 3 times? lol

mm: too shameful

Saucy Man: I don’t like doing it too much, but-wait! You’re side tracking me!

Molly: lol

Saucy Man: Can you spank her for that too?

mm: I can spank her for anything I choose

Molly: and nothing at all

mm: and often do … just because I like her bottom red

Molly: I think we killed him Sir? Oh no…here he is…lol

Saucy Man: No, I am alive. Merely day dreaming.

mm: and perving on your blog methinks

Saucy Man: Oh, that’s a given, Signs. So do you mind talking about how you two met, how it begun?

Molly: I think the biggest challenge to me is the lack of physical contact and coping with how much I miss him when we are apart. we met on JK. I saw his avi

mm: Ahhh a friend brought me to JK, and I saw her avi

Molly: and was absorbed by it shall we say

Saucy Man: Ah, that big, was he?

Molly: I wanted to find out about the man behind it

Molly: so we started chatting….frieds realy to start with

mm: and I wrote a story about her avi and mine

Molly: I had been having a tough time in my life and he listened but the attraction was there instantly I think

mm: it was

Saucy Man: do you mind sharing what that tough time was?

Molly: he kept promising me a kiss like the one in his avi. I had been having a kinda relationship with a man….who had become very depressed. he had shown me I was sub but then withdrawn into himself…I was coping with that and feeling lost and then Signs wrote about the kiss…based on my avi at the time

Saucy Man: What were the avi’s?

Molly: his is still the same and mine was a pic of me in white lacy boy short panties, laying on the bed

Saucy Man: I can see why you were attracted, Signs.

Molly: *grins

mm: she is soooo very sexy

Molly: and as they say…the rest was history. the first time I saw him on cam I knew I was in love.

mm: The play of light upon your body stretched languorously across the bed, golden in the sunlight, shadows dappled over the curve of a hip,the lace of panties so delicately draped over you. A shimmer of light shows between those thighs, as if they are begging to be parted to show the delights within.The delicate hollow of the navel nestled in the midst of the midriff calling to be touched … ever so lightly… a line traced. My fingers so close to the skin, barely touching. I hear your breath quicken as my hand glides up the length of your body. Slowly my hand moves and cups your chin. Tilting your head back I bend down and press my lips to yours, tasting you. My lips part ever so slightly to allow my tongue to dart out and tease those lips.

Molly: omg. its been a while since I read those words *fights back tears

Saucy Man: That was the story?

mm: the beginning of it

Molly: we have a deep and strong bond JV….I never felt like this about anyone before in my life….signs is my soul mate…and I love him so completely. It’s being saved isn’t it sir. one day it will be shared in full with everyone. that will be a landmark day for us for sure

mm: I have all the bits of the story I wrote and am fleshing it out to be a full story of us

Saucy Man: I look forward to reading it. You’re very lucky, you two.

Molly: and on the point of LDR’s….they are fucking tough and I never went looking for one…in fact the opposite. I had been in one before, and I had vowed never again

mm: she didn’t want to see me at first

Molly: when I first meet signs on-line I refused to tell him my real name or see him. I didn’t mind him seeing me…but I knew if I laid eyes on him I would be doomed and I had vowed never to do the LDR thing again, but in the end I gave in. and I am glad I did

mm: as am I

Saucy Man: No regrets..

Molly: and I would say about LDR’s like all relationship: they take commitment and time and good communication, but LDR’s need these 10 fold

mm: no regrets … other than I am not with her fulltime… yet

Molly: same here. not a regret

Saucy Man: More a lament. But the pay-off, when you do get to see each other, must make it well worth it.

Molly: oh yes. I would not change it for anything apart from to be with him 24/7, and our time for that will come

mm: We have a modicum of fun together 😉

Molly: I think LDR’s can be very deep and rewarding you should read Preshy’s comments, about knowing someone so completely. I think she is right. In a LDR you have to talk, really talk, and you get to know the other person in such a deep way

mm:  I will say one other thing has been tough. the language barrier

Molly: lol

Saucy Man: Well, I would argue that that’s the absolute basis of a LDR, one that you couldn’t really avoid: talking. Speaking of which, what do you do with all those U’s you don’t use?

mm: I save them for Lent. and lets not mention Z. she uses whole sentences that sound just like English. Zee

Molly: zed

Saucy Man: Potato.

mm: see… incomprehensible

Molly: lol

mm: and I’m sorry. Marmite? yeast extract?

Molly: lmaooooooooooo

mm: who thought that was a good idea?

Saucy Man: Oh, I don’t like Marmite.

Molly: :O

Saucy Man: I won’t be including that fact in the blog. Who knows how much hate mail I’ll get?

mm: lol. well sometime you have to take a stand :P. I tried Marmite… and decided that I’d pass from now on

Saucy Man: Good on you, my man.

Molly: pfft

mm: two countries seperated by a common language. and I’m still miffed at Whatsherface. I came all the way to England… twice, and she never invited me for tea 😐

Saucy Man: She holds a grudge still for the war of independence.

Molly: he’s talking about the queen by the way. and I hear she likes Marmite

Saucy Man: I’ve gone off her now.

Molly: lol

Saucy Man: That’s it. I’m going republican.

mm: errrrr. I’m a bit of a liberal. just left of Castro

Saucy Man: I’d guessed.

Molly: he means for a republic

mm: up the republic

Molly: lol

Saucy Man: And north of the Dominican Republic?

mm: and with better rum 😀

Saucy Man: I misread that to say ‘with better bum’.

Molly: lmaooo

mm: lol that too I suspect

Saucy Man: Alright. You talk about an online relationship, could you explain the key differences of an online relationship and a real life one? And how the online one comes in to play in real life, how it affects you?

Molly: well in affects us in the way that we have to adapt our real lives around it. how we communicate and spend out time together. the key difference I guess is the lack of actually physical contact

Saucy Man: Ah, but some people have an online relationship, and as soon as they turn off the computer, they switch out of the relationship.

mm: We do try to make our online time as close to our real life time ass possible

Molly: that’s true JV but that is not us

mm: we watch movies together, we do the crossword

Molly: but I realise for some an online relationship is purely that…..the 2 do not meet so to speak, but that is not the case for us…..we live together

mm: even with an ocean in the way

Saucy Man: Home is where the heart is.

Molly: he is in my house all the time….we leave skype running all night and sleep ‘next’ to each other

mm: she is my home

Saucy Man: Where do you put the chair?

Molly: and I am ony home when he is with me

mm: I tie her to the chair

Molly: he spends time with my children, and me with his

mm: and helps with homework lol

Molly: this involves our families too

Saucy Man: This message has been removed.

Molly: don’t mention THAT on the blog ffs

mm: lmao

mm: she met my whole family at my 50th birthday party, via skype. and spent Xmas eve with them as well

Saucy Man: How have your families reacted to your relationship?

Molly: and he has met my friends….they are all used to coming to my house now and him being in skype with us. My children adore Signs..he is a big part of their lives. as for the rest of my family….they have had to adjust but that is their business.

mm: and my grandkids love to say hi to Miss Molly

Molly: and to be honest…its none of their business who is important is signs and I and that it works for us, and that my children feel happy and secure…. that’s it

Saucy Man: I think you’ve summed it up perfectly.

Saucy Man: You mentioned earlier that you watch films and do the newspaper, what else do you do as ‘dates’? prolonged talks?

Molly: play the quiz

mm: We talk about everything… and we read to each other

Molly: meet with friends on skype. we are reading hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. I am reading it aloud

Saucy Man: Oh, I loved that. Not the very last book, though. Too depressing.

Molly: and we share stuff we have found on the internet. and also there is sex time too….lol

Saucy Man: Of course. I think it best not to go there. We’d be stuck here for another hour!

Molly: lol

mm: why we are doing that right now

Molly: lmao. And we make plans, and talk about the things we will do when we are together

Saucy Man: You mean like dancing in London

Molly: yes….lol

mm: I am a bit …. impulsive 😀

Molly: hmmm

Saucy Man: I’m sorry. I got distracted thinking of you two playing slap and tickle.

Molly: lol

mm: loooooooots of tickle

Molly: grrr

Saucy Man: What is your biggest fear of the other once you are in the same place and same timezone and same house for longer than you have ever been?

Molly: ummm

mm: Hmm I can’t think of any fears

Molly: not sure I understand the question… *does confused face

mm: we have so much to do together

Molly: yes we do *smiles* my biggest fear is that we will run out of time before we have done it all

Saucy Man: You’re not that old. Are you?

Molly: lol. Life’s short JV

Saucy Man: Technically it’s the longest thing we know.

Molly: signs and I have soooo much to do

mm: and she is a tiny bit younger than I am… I’m afraid she might smear Marmite on me while I’m sleeping

Saucy Man: That is a valid fear, Signs.

Molly: I would never do that sir…not unless I wanted the thrashing of a lifetime

Saucy Man: Do you?

mm: lol often she does…

Molly: not like the one that that would get me

Saucy Man: Many people say that once you have met in person after loving each other online for such a long time, returning to just online is not enough anymore.  How did you make your relationship last past that first meeting?

Molly: love. and commitment and knowing that I had found the man who completed me, who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with

mm: and it is always hard to leave… but we always know there is more ahead for us

Molly: what choice did we have…..get through the tough time…or give up on something so perfect. leaving is agony and being without him is agony..I miss him every hour of every day. but it’s what we have to do, for now

Saucy Man: You look towards the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Bad analogy.

Molly: Yes. and making plans for the future are very important. our ultimate goal

mm: the red bottom at the end of the rainbow

Molly: lol. as signs always says….its not easy but then if it was easy anyone could do it. And every time we have been together all it has done for me is left me hungry for more

mm: well how could you ever get enough of me…..

Saucy Man: Like a Macdonalds cheese burger.

Molly: lol

Saucy Man: Do you think LDR’s are becoming more common?

Molly: short answer: yes

mm: oh yes of course

mm: jinx

Molly: facebook, twitter, sites like JK are all putting people into contact with others who are miles from them

Saucy Man: Not to mention the site Jules is trying to set up, Just A Date.

Molly: inevitable that can turn to relationships

Saucy Man: Are people more accepting of them and understanding or do you think many people still view LDR’s as not proper or valid relationships?

Molly: I think they are becoming so…especially in certain circles and generations

mm: well … people who are active online do get it

Molly: I think older generations who don’t use te internet in the same way as others,: find it hard to comprehend

Saucy Man: What’s to comprehend? You type any word into google and get a sex site…

mm: … and that surprises me because LDR’s predate the net… many famous romances were done by mail

Molly: they get that maybe…but not that people have full and fulling relationships

Saucy Man: Like the film, You’ve Got Mail.

Molly: somebody once said to me…when I was talking about an online friend…no, I mean REAL friends and I said…she is a real friend…and she said no she isn’t…she is just on the internet

mm: yes… I read recently that 20 % of all couples meet online

Molly: and that figure must be rising

mm: I know I’m rising

Saucy Man: Maybe it’s already higher, but people are afraid of admitting it? Well, it is the morning for you.

Molly: I know people who have also rekindled old relation ships….online…through FB etc. i think sometimes yes….but i think that is changing

Saucy Man: One last question and we’ll leave it at that: any advice for people who find themselves in a LDR?

mm: I say that a LDR is every bit as real as an RL relationship…. treat it that way

Molly: gie your best shot….it can be the most rewarding and wonderful thing ever. and yes….approach it like you would any relationship

mm: there is a real person at the other end of the wire…

Molly: exactly

Saucy Man: I hope so. I don’t like cybering robots.

Molly: lol

mm: with real hopes and dreams and fears, and perhaps electric sheep

Molly: lol

mm: it is very easy to be a “player” and vanish off into the net. be honest and real and you may find the love of your life

Molly: I know I did

Saucy Man: Lucky *******…

Molly: lol. And yes I am

Saucy Man: Alright, that’s it. Now…am I invited to the wedding?

Molly: lol

Saucy Man: I’m a priest! I could officiate.

Molly: you never know…we might take you up on that….lol

mm: well.. we plan to have multiple celebrations… on various continents

Molly: lol

Saucy Man: And multiple orgasms, on various continents.

mm: always

Molly: again

Saucy Man: That’s it. Thank you for your time, Signs, Molly.

Molly: yw

mm: our pleasure


That’s all, folks. Take care, and I hope you enjoyed the blog. If you have been or are in a LDR, feel free to leave a comment, or a post on the JK message boards, here.



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